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Cynthia (Bluenose Sloop)

“9 Years ago my wife and I moved back to Nova Scotia from Ontario. I worked at the Ontario Science Centre as their model maker (primarily ship models). That same year I had been given a 23’ Bluenose Sloop #30 built in 1951 or 1952. It was in dire need of repair. My plan was to restore it myself. I had a good look at the boat and found it to be beyond my capability. I had known Bill for some time and well aware of his art as a boat builder. I had Bill take a look at the boat to see if it was worth restoring  or take the chain saw to it. I had been told by the son of the builder that it was the most original he has ever seen. That made it easier for me to make a decision to have Bill do the work. It turned out to be a big job replacing almost all the frames and most of her planks, new deck beams and deck. I’m very pleased. Bill and his men did a beautiful job.”
Ben Verburgh, owner of Cynthian

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